Structural Interior Renovation

When functionality needs to improve without extending the footprint.

Structural renovations don’t suit every circumstance, but it is worth investigating to see if it fits you!

It’s surprising how many people spend money and waste time extending their homes when a great solution could have been achieved with clever design and an openness to explore the options.

We’ve been able to save clients tens of thousands of dollars in a structural modification instead of increasing the home’s footprint. An extension or addition lends itself to a completely different process with far more steps and extra third-party involvement including, but not limited to; council applications, private certifiers/surveyors, earthmoving contractors, etc.

Want to find out more?

Where an extension project could take over a year from design to completion, an internal structural renovation may only take a few months from start to finish.

Worth some investigative design don’t you think?

The more info and details you can provide us at this step the more efficient the first call will be. Feel free to add your address, photos or any relevant info.