The Party House

Creating the heart of the house to entertain and be together as a family in a warm and spacious kitchen.


The Story

Kathy and Mark built their home in 1998. Like most project-built homes, the kitchen consisted of a bricked-in corner pantry and a bricked-in oven tower. The oven tower was tucked in a corner next to the garage door entry, which created a tight spot for the high-traffic area. Whilst the floor area of the kitchen was spacious, the cabinetry hugged the perimeter and possibly encroached too much into the adjacent dining area.

This family is highly social and entertains very often. Most weekends eventuate with drinks and games around the kitchen island, but it was awkward to sit everyone together due to the layout. Storage was not effective, which meant a lot of items were stored wherever a free place was found, including atop visible benches and jammed into dysfunctional cupboards.

The outcome

To maximise the home’s space, we encroached into the front living room, which Kathy now uses as her office. An area too large for what she needs with a corner that wasn’t used other than to enter the kitchen directly from. Therefore, we converted that unused space into a butler’s pantry, so we could maximise bench space in the main kitchen area where it was required the most. This also allowed us to better fill the area with an L-shaped island, maximising the seating area in a way people could sit around and converse easily. We removed the bricked-in pantry and oven to regain valuable wall space. This required newly engineered beams in the roof space to run the lengths of both elevations to support the roof. While making structural alterations, we also reduced the kitchen window size to block out the utility side of the home and reduce morning glare. The dining room sliding door was replaced to change the opening position, which improved flow to the new, enlarged dining room.

The kitchen adopted the client’s taste for modern monochrome, yet still offered a wow factor. The jarrah flooring throughout the home continued into the kitchen and became a beautiful feature of the design, looking sharp paired with black and white. Feature lighting, shimmering trims, sexy appliances, and cabinetry full of internal storage solutions make for a functional showpiece, including pull-our pantries, appliance cupboard, bins, tea towel racks, corner units, and a hidden tech station for charging phones. We celebrated project completion with a massive party just to put the design to the test and of course, it passed with flying colours!


“The wonderful Bronwyn has given us an open area that brings all our family and friends together. We enjoy cooking, our fantastic island allows us to be at the bench working together and still have room. We also have a scullery that is totally functional. We have our mixer and sandwich toaster set up all of the time – no need to have to get them out of the cupboard when we want to use them.

Without Bronwyn’s vision and knowledge, we would never have achieved our goal.”