Homeowner / Homebuyer Consultancy

Well informed and unbias advice to kickstart your investment journey

The founder of Bronz DC has seen and understood all angles. She’s been the client who received poor to no advice during her own home build. She has been the sales consultant sitting in display villages finding reasons to sell a house to whoever walked in the door. Bronwyn has designed and priced new homes and renovation projects to fully understand the true costs involved. She has worked closely with trades and builders to gain a solid construction knowledge. And sadly, she has been the one to provide many reality checks to enthusiastic clients who have previously been fed misinformation.

Bronz Consultancy was born from a deep understanding of why horror stories exist within residential construction.

The reality is, as soon as you mention a potential build project or new home purchase, everyone you know becomes an expert! With good intentions to protect you, they press upon you the “right way” to go about things, which may have been right for them, but may not be right for you.

Bronz Consultancy is about laying everything out on the table in a clear and concise manner so you can understand the implications and benefits of each option without feeling an unwelcome pressure toward any of them.

We’ve provided clarity to several clients faced with the overwhelm of options and discovered the best fit for them. Not to mention we’ve saved them a lot of money in the long run! What can we do to help you too…?