Extensions & Additions

Increasing home value with extra floor space

Say goodbye to boring extensions! Discover how we can transform your home into a bespoke masterpiece

Outgrowing your home is a common dilemma faced by many families. The cost of moving outside of your preferred location can outweigh the cost of renovating, or simply moving at all can be costly with the fees associated with buying and selling.

Rather than sticking a boring box on the back of your home, we are interested in adding articulation and interest. We take inspiration from your existing home and work with your surrounding landscape. This is important – if you can extend the home with thermal and acoustic performance in mind, not only will you end up with a project that looks bespoke, you will maximise nature’s resources and limit your utility expenditure year round.

There are an abundance of materials available making it easier for us to marry what it is you want, with what you are able to spend. We explain the pros and cons of each so you have confidence with whichever you choose to renovate your home with.

Want to find out more?

Bring your own builder or let us recommend a good, reliable fit for you from our trusted pool of professionals.

Extensions can often result in a useless use of space tacked onto your home without proper thought given to function. We make it our mission not to do this!

The more info and details you can provide us at this step the more efficient the first call will be. Feel free to add your address, photos or any relevant info.