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Expert guidance at your fingertips: the most successful renovations begin with early consultation with the right people. We’ve provided three options to help you get started right away…

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FREE 15min Discovery Call

Let’s get to know each other and establish what it is you are looking for. We then provide you with various ways of achieving your renovation goals and then you decide if we can help you further.

45min Online Design Consultation

Our 45 minute Online Design Consultation offers professional and experienced advice and ideas to help advance your renovation journey.

We can also help you customise your renovation journey so by the end of the consultation, you will have a clear path forward all things considered.

In-Home Consultation

An In-Home Consultation is for those who want to start their renovation journey on the right foot by providing us with a real time look at the current situation. We will deep dive into your project brief and walk through the physical spaces together, realising the design potential. Construction requirements are fully assessed to be able to provide you with the most sound advice as we work together through your renovation.

We will walk you through viable options for the remainder of the renovation journey so you can advance with confidence.

“I picked up very early in the piece that Bronwyn is very knowledgeable and experienced in residential design and construction. She is also very cost conscious and has been great with providing designs and options that reflect my budget.”

Bonnie, Forrestfield, WA

“Being new to the design process, Bronwyn has been super helpful in explaining everything, how to approach, things to look for, and providing options and solutions for different shape blocks.”

Shane, Panorama, SA

“Engaging Bronz DC is a decision I’m very happy with. Bronwyn was attentive throughout the whole process. Her knowledge and contact with suppliers was super helpful and cost effective.”

Courtney, Woodlands, WA

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