Bachelor’s Retreat

Creating a light and open space for the perfect bachelor’s retreat and making the most of the existing space.


The Story

Being a trade himself, Courtney had already begun renovating his home, making lovely small-scale improvements. But when it came to key areas of the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry, he was clever enough to engage professional services to achieve the best possible outcome. Bronz DC was engaged to design these three key areas as well as consult with our client to find the right trade teams for his project. Being a house-proud homebody who values his own space, aesthetics was the main driver for Courtney as he looked to transform his home into a peaceful and relaxing retreat.

The outcome

Space was limited in each of the areas which meant we had to be savvy with design solutions. There was only so much we could achieve within the bathroom’s footprint; thus, it came down to a clever selection of items dictating the workability of the room. A masculine palette was adopted to create this bachelor’s bathroom. We were able to provide a greater sense of space with the open shower and mix of tiling for perceived room length.

New flooring throughout, whilst a late addition, completely lightened the entire home and provided a soothing canvas for the kitchen and laundry cabinetry, which also oozed tranquillity with its neutral palette. Being a big fan of natural materials such as timber, Courtney was happy to incorporate his choice of woodgrain benchtops, selecting Laminex’s Artisan Beamwood. We reconfigured the existing kitchen layout to remove the original U-shape. This meant we could comfortably integrate a dishwasher and have a secondary bench area at a more comfortable height for our homeowner, as the existing bench height was too low but governed by the windowsill. This resulted in better access to more storage and once again provided a larger sense of space in the contained area. The laundry was a continuation of the kitchen in its adjacent room, making the most of the cabinetry between glazing placement.

The transformation of this home has gone from one of claustrophobic feelings upon entry to one of instant relaxation the second you walk through the front door.


“Bronwyn was in contact at every step of my renovation. Not just during necessary stages where discussion was required but also regular check-ins just to see how everything was going overall. Being an Electrician by trade, I found her construction knowledge quite impressive. I engaged Bronz DC to help me with the selection process and found it very helpful/comforting to have another opinion to lean on and to provide insights that I may well not have thought of had she not been there. Bronwyn’s knowledge and contact with suppliers were super helpful and cost-effective. The flow of the finished product is exceptionally aesthetically pleasing and I’m very happy. Not to mention friends and family are very impressed!

Engaging Bronz DC is a decision I’m very happy with. Different innovative ideas were supplied with extensive communication of pros and cons of each discussed before the final model was chosen. The construction knowledge was immeasurable when it came to the construction documents and saving time with trades. Also, the benefits of supplier connections and industry affiliation were invaluable whether it be material discounts or time-saving contacts and communication. Bronwyn was attentive throughout the whole process, going above and beyond to ensure my happiness and satisfaction with the overall process.”